Radio, Radio

Pretty wild to see Afternoon Destroyer get so much airplay! As a 20-year veteran of radio, I’m going to be the first to tell you how vital radio is for small musicians like me, and I’m happy that my record is finding a place on the airwaves. I’m still a little gobsmacked that I’ve gotten… Continue reading Radio, Radio

2022: The Things I Liked

You know what? 2022 was a real banner year for ya girl.

Anyway, here are some things I enjoyed immensely in 2022. It’s an incomplete list, for sure, so don’t take offense if you’re not on it! I liked pretty much everything I heard this year.

The Unheard Music

So I saw this thing on the Bird Site that got underneath my skin a bit and went on a MicroRant which I’ll preserve and expand upon here because I want to embarrass myself some time in the future.

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Flown the Coop

Honestly you guys, I’m pissed that Twitter is falling to pieces faster than [insert whatever thing is worse here]. Out of all the social media platforms, it is by far my favorite in terms of ease of use. I’m also not a sad, pissy Adorno marxist who believes that social media makes us stupid. Humans… Continue reading Flown the Coop

It’s OK, We Can Sit This One Out

Screenshot of Nathan Chen's now-legendary step sequence splat at the 2022 US National Championships

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks mentally planning for how I would break down the Figure Skating events at 2022 Winter Olympic Games for y’all and every time I sat down to write something I felt EXHAUSTED.

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Support the American Music Fairness Act

So here’s the deal, you can performatively cancel your Spotify account OR seize this opportunity to help musicians by supporting this bill.

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