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  • Banned from the Merch Table

    Banned from the Merch Table

    Yes, I saw Jeff Rosenstock’s social media post about the cut venues take on merch sales. No one wants to hear in This Day And Age™ about another new way in musicians are getting screwed, but here we are again, pissed off at another spoke in the shitty wheel. I suppose the reason that this…

  • 9/23: DJing at the Lunar Inn

    9/23: DJing at the Lunar Inn

    Out of the blue I was asked by the good folks at Port Richmond’s Lunar Inn to DJ, so I said yes because it sounded like fun. Let’s overlook the fact that I haven’t DJ’ed in any kind of capacity in a several years, perhaps a decade or more since I have done it in…

  • Radio, Radio

    Radio, Radio

    Pretty wild to see Afternoon Destroyer get so much airplay! As a 20-year veteran of radio, I’m going to be the first to tell you how vital radio is for small musicians like me, and I’m happy that my record is finding a place on the airwaves. I’m still a little gobsmacked that I’ve gotten…

  • 2022: The Things I Liked

    2022: The Things I Liked

    You know what? 2022 was a real banner year for ya girl. Anyway, here are some things I enjoyed immensely in 2022. It’s an incomplete list, for sure, so don’t take offense if you’re not on it! I liked pretty much everything I heard this year.

  • The Unheard Music

    The Unheard Music

    So I saw this thing on the Bird Site that got underneath my skin a bit and went on a MicroRant which I’ll preserve and expand upon here because I want to embarrass myself some time in the future.

  • Out Now: Afternoon Destroyer

    Out Now: Afternoon Destroyer

    OK, fine I put the thing up because I know tapes are on the way. I hope you like it, I’m just happy everyone gets to hear it. And if I’m being honest, a little bit anxious. For 1.5 years, this thing’s been only mine to hear, overthink and fuss about. There’s a tape version…

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Her Jazz was originally Philadelphia’s first music blog. Dormant for quite some time, it sprung back to life in 2022 thanks to the thawing of the digital permafrost.