Who? Huh?

Her Jazz began as a blog on December 3, 2000. At some point in the early 2000s it turned into a music blog to accompany the radio program of the same name, in addition to all the other musical things I was doing (booking shows, writing about shows).

Her Jazz is solely written by me, Maria T. The opinions expressed here do not reflect those of my employers, roommates, friends, crushes, or whatever. They are truly One Dumb Bitch’s Opinions.

Until someone says otherwise, it is the oldest music blog in Philadelphia (not to be confused with the first blog, an honor bestowed upon the now-New Zealander and friend Peter M). Even then, that score will be settled in the appropriate manner—a knife fight under the Grays Ferry Bridge.

So what, I took a break from writing for about 11 years. There were other things to be explored, like making stupid music, having a stroke, numerous terrible technology jobs, and generally speaking having a life outside of this fucking nonsense. But I guess I’m back, even though they say you can never go home again. I say you absolutely can, but perhaps you gotta Marie Kondo the fuck out of it.

I don’t know what this site will entail for sure, but I’ll try to dig out things from the archives when it moves me. My hair—and web server—are full of secrets.


The last thing I could possibly want is one of you fucking Reply Guys to write me. So, no.

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