Quit Punching Yourself

neon sign that reads "jazz u up"

OK, maybe I shouldn’t be that facetious on the first post.

But yes, here I am. Again.

I thought a lot about starting up this blog over the past several years, as methods of communication and information shifted. WordPress to Tumblr, Tumblr to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook (not that this has truly changed), social media to Substacks and Patreons and whateverthefuck.

I didn’t want to start a newsletter. No one should be getting my shit delivered straight to their mailbox or paying to hear what I think. If I want something unedited and weak in intellect, that is what a blog is for.

I don’t know how frequent I’ll post here. But I did want a space untethered by the reins corporate platforms—though one could argue WordPress, even as a free software, is just as corporate as anything else. The point remains though. This fucking site is mine, it has no analytics, and I frankly could give a shit about reader engagement.

Well here we go again. Here’s to as fresh a start as one could possibly have.